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When used in conjunction with heavy loads (mastfoot block, spinnaker tack point), normal friction blocks are heavy and take up space. Following on from our success with the MX halyard shackle, Wichard is proud to present the MXL: a new soft block solution for ropes. Accessible to all, the MXL is strong, reliable, light and fits anywhere. EASY FITTING: MXL requires no knowledge of ropework and no tools for fitting. STRENGTH, RELIABILITY, AND LIGHT WEIGHT: MXL offers an unbeatable strength to weight ratio. For example, MXL is up to 3 times stronger than a standard block and yet weighs 2 or 3 times less. FLEXIBILITY Two fastening methods mean MXL can be installed anywhere whatever the alignment of the anchoring point. MXL easily integrates any deck gear plan. RELIABLE AND MAINTENANCE-FREE An all-in-one design with no moving parts (no sheave), MXL enjoys greater reliability and a longer lifespan. MXL requires no maintenance. SNATCH block CAPABILITY In certain cases the MXL can be used like a snatch block by attaching it rapidly to an anchor point (padeyes, etc.). Delivered with 1 Dyneema loop optimized for this type of application (3 mm diameter) Material : Anodised aluminium



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